8x8 Virtual Room Service Solves Video Connectivity Problem

So you purchased that shiny new video conferencing solution for your conference room and all is well. But what happens when you want to want to bring in your roadwarrior sales rep who’s in New York, your engineering team in Seattle and your potential new client in Florida? You would either have to fly everyone to a central meeting location while your video gear collects dust or pull off a miraculous technical miracle (i.e. spend a lot of $$$$$) to make it happen.

Enter the new cloud based Video Conferencing service from 8×8 which connects up to 20 participants from any location just by clicking on a web page or dialing a simple 10 digit telephone number. The flat rate service is available in three tiers supporting low, standard and high definition telepresence video, starting at $199 per month. Customers who subscribe before September 30, 2011 are eligible for special introductory pricing of $99 per month for the first year of service. The 8×8 Virtual Room services are enabled by the Polycom UC Intelligent Core software platform, which seamlessly handles all of the video collaboration management behind the scenes. Unlike video conferences where participants sit in fixed locations equipped with video conference equipment, Virtual Room allows individuals to access the conference from any location over the public Internet using any web browser, plug-and-play Polycom VVX business media phones or Polycom HDX video solutions. No software downloads are required to use the Virtual Room service.

“When we witnessed a demonstration of the Virtual Room solution powered by Polycom, we were amazed at how easy it was to schedule and initiate a video conference and how excellent the video quality was,” said Jonathan Rusk of Chromis Technology, a Polycom and 8×8 channel partner. “As a Value Added Reseller of Polycom voice and video equipment, 8×8 voice and video service offerings are the final piece of the puzzle in being able to offer our customer base a complete end to end solution without breaking the bank. The simplicity, reliability and cost effectiveness of Virtual Room will go a long way toward speeding the adoption of video collaboration in the SMB market space.”

If you’d like a demo of the new 8×8 video service, please give Chromis Technology a call at 602.357.8070.

Read the full press release here.