Ask and ye shall receive...

Greg Galitzine

I really love when companies that I don’t think are completely approachable completely prove me wrong… Well that’s how I feel about TMC this week, I received a response from Greg Galitzine, Editorial Director of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, via his blog regarding the Best in Show award that they gave to Interactive Intelligence at the 2009 IT Expo East. (Read my initial thoughts.) To break it down quickly I agree with him, on the surface it seems funny for Interactive Intelligence to receive an “SMB” award. But as Greg points out: “While small and medium business, or SMB, generally implies companies on the smaller end of the spectrum, we often tend to forget the “M” or mid-size group of businesses.” (Click here to read the full story at

Well that makes sense to me… I am man enough to admit when I’m wrong, and in this case, I admit it. So thank you Greg for the clarification.