Bria softphone for iPhone

Bria iPhone version dial screenCounterPath released their softphone, Bria, for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The app costs $3.99 and supports the SIP protocol. Chromis is testing Bria connected to our Digium Switchvox server. Bria allows you to user your iPhone to make and receive calls as an extension on your Switchvox (or Asterisk or other SIP server). Calls can be made over Wifi or GSM and do NOT use the AT&T cellular network (well, it uses the data network if your on GSM but not your voice minutes). Unfortunately you can only receive a call while the app is running. Hopefully multitasking for third-party apps in iOS 4.0 will allow CounterPath to update Bria enabling it to be an everyday softphone.

You can optionally purchase the G729 codec for $8.99. The codec uses less bandwidth than the standard codec (G711 ulaw) and is an in app purchase. CounterPath says that G729 is ideal for “connections with limited bandwidth such as 3G.”

Configuration for Switchvox is easy if you’ve configured any other SIP phone before: create the extension in Switchvox, open Bria on your iPhone, enter the username and password (the phone password that you created in Switchvox – not the voicemail password – in Switchvox click the Show Advanced Options link and find the Phone Password), enter the Domain (your Switchvox IP address or domain name), enter 899 as the VM (unless you customized this in Switchvox).

Bria in-call screen

That’s all you need to do. All networks are different so you might need address do some network configuration. See Digium’s Knowledge Base about configuring your network for Switchvox.

We’re here to help and this is our passion so give us a call if you have questions: 602.357.8070, [email protected].

Version tested: 1.0.3107

Click to find Bria at the Apple App Store.