Chromis Brings Polycom Telepresence & Video to Arizona

Polycom HDX 8000OK – so we do admit that we’re not the first to do it in Arizona, but we’re really excited to announce that Chromis has finished certifications to sell Polycom Telepresence & Video Products!

So why did we do it? W*Polycom CMA Client*ell we see a big future in Video Telepresence. The collaboration, the savings of travel, the lower prices and higher quality equipment, it all makes for a compelling proposition. Here is what top Industry analysts see:

  • Forrester Research: “Companies are looking first & foremost to spend on technologies that can save money for the business, including  unified communications and videoconferencing to reduce travel.”
  • Yankee Group: “Videoconferencing has grown steadily as a replacement for  travel due to green benefits and lowered travel costs, and this year will see the full emergence of this trend.”
  • Gartner: “Video Telepresence will replace 2.1 million airline seats per year by 2012, losing the travel industry U.S. $3.5 billion annually.”

Plus, it’s really cool! And we like cool things. The new technology is easier than ever to use and maintain. And with prices lower than they’ve ever been before, the ROI is outstanding.  Call the Chromis sales team at 602.357.8070 today to schedule a demo.