Chromis Review: Polycom CX200


The Polycom CX200 is billed as a desktop telephone for Microsoft Office Communicator Server (OCS). It is additionally a glorified speaker and microphone for a softphone. I tested the CX200 with eyeBeam on a 15″ Apple MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5 connected to a Digium Switchvox PBX. The CX200 has a handset like a typical desk phone as well as a full-duplex speakerphone. The only buttons on the CX200 are a speakerphone button, a headset button, a mute button, and a two-way rocker switch to control volume.

The CX200 has three LED lights that indicate call forwarding status, voicemail waiting, and call state (on hook or off hook).

Some observations regarding my test:

  • eyeBeam calls the CX200 “Catalina”.
  • The CX200 rings but you cannot answer the call by lifting the CX200 handset nor by pressing a button; you must answer with eyeBeam and then use the CX200.
  • VM indicator light does not work on CX200. The following is the VM indicator for eyeBeam:
  • Lifting the handset, pressing the speakerphone button, or pressing the headset button does not give you dial tone (i.e. does not take eyeBeam off hook).
  • Volume keys adjust handset or speakerphone volume depending on the mode that is active.
  • No lights notify you on an incoming call (as they likely do with OCS).
  • The mute button works.

The CX200 includes a USB cord to connect to your PC or Mac. It is designed for a PC running Windows XP connected to OCS but the basic functions worked well with my Mac and eyeBeam softphone.