ChromisCare For Switchvox

ChromisCare For Switchvox

Chromis is proud to offer ChromisCare for Digium Switchvox. This is an optional service designed to enhance your current Digium (Gold or Platinum) Support entitlements. ChromisCare Includes:

  • Minor MACs: Moves, Adds, Changes
  • Automatic cloud backups for Switchvox
  • Up to 5 tickets per month
  • Escalation of Digium support cases
  • 24 hour response time

[Contact us if you are interested in signing up for ChromisCare for Switchvox](mailto: [email protected]?subject=Sign me up for ChromisCare!) or to learn more about pricing.

ChromisCare Requires active Digium Support Subscriptions and is priced per Switchvox appliance or instance (location). At the end of the year the contract will auto-renew for an additional year. Chromis will notify you at least 1 month in advance of expiration and provide a 1 month additional grace period.

Understanding Digium Gold/Platinum Technical Support
ChromisCare for Switchvox:

Technical Support is used when something goes wrong or you have a problem configuring your Switchvox.

Digium Technical Support is included as part of their annual (Gold or Platinum) subscription renewal. This Technical support is provided by Digium Switchvox engineers.

ChromisCare is used when you want to outsource minor changes to your Switchvox configuration or want cloud backups for your Switchvox. Think of us as your outsourced employee who is dedicated to handling the Switchvox system.

Chromis offers ChromisCare for managed service, which is provided by Chromis engineers. Chromis is a Digium Select Reseller which entitles us to escalate your existing Digium support ticket on your behalf. If you continue to have a severe problem or questions after you open a ticket with Digium you may contact Chromis to assist.

If you need further clarification you can click here to search our support knowledge base and ask additional questions.

You can read additional details about Digium Support here.