Communication and Telecommunication

Chromis Technology sells telecommunications: telephone systems, network hardware, voice and data services. Hanging on the Telephone

Most business today requires telephone, video, and other data communication. Telecommunications is technology, a vehicle for communications. But does it help us communicate better? An irate customer calling a business for support can be soothed or enraged by telecommunication or communication. If the caller is bounced around by the system, not able to find the right representative, telecommunication increases frustration. On the other hand, if the customer is connected directly to the right representative but the representative is rude then communications suffers and anger grows. Needless to say, most healthy business relies on good communication and telecommunication.

These are simple examples but they illustrate an important concept. Technology is a facilitator not a solution. People are still the solution. Happy employees, better staffing and training, and relevant tools all help businesses help customers.

Of course technology is ever more important since it is both mandatory (try running most any business without any telephones or Internet) and a differentiator between competitors. Consider two nice representatives, one at each of two competitors. The more efficient system or one that can easily answer the customers question without a representative may have the decisive edge. Efficient telecommunications is required, but better human communication is too. Seek better telecommunications and also learn how to better communicate.