Digium Phones and EHS? Yes you can!

With the introduction of Switchvox SMB release 5.7 (53929) and Digium telephone firmware release ( the software now gives you the ability to use a new Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) option. This lets you specify a Jabra IQ or Plantronics headset for EHS right from the web interface.

The supported headsets include:


  • CS50/CS55 Wireless Headset (with APP-5 Cable: 38438-01)
  • CS540 Wireless Headset (with APP-51 Cable: PL-38439-11)
  • Savi W740 Wireless Headset (with APP-51 Cable)

Jabra (GN Netcom) all use GN Polycom EHS Adapter Cable (14201-17)

  • PRO 920
  • PRO 9450, 9460, 9465, 9470
  • GO 6470

*Please note that the Jabra 9120, 9330e, and 9350e are not supported as they use the DHSG protocol, not the new Jabra IQ protocol.

To see additional Plantronics and Jabra headsets that are supported for use with Digium D40, D50, and D70 telephones, please click here.

For more information about Digium phones, EHS, or any other telephone related request please contact us or call us at 602.357.8070.