Digium Releases Switchvox SMB Version 5.0

Digium has released the next iteration of their award winning Switchvox SMB platform. Click here to read the official Digium press release.

Based on Digium’s Open Source Asterisk platform, Here is a list of key features introduced in Switchvox version 5.0:

•        Switchvox Graphical User Interface (GUI) – A newly refreshed Switchvox GUI simplifies the configuration for groups of users for administrators and users. This new design is probably what existing admins and users will notice right off the bat. It really is a pleasant refresh to the tired old interface. We’ve found that the menus and submenus are far more intuitive than before. See these and more features: http://www.digium.com/switchvox-features
•        Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) – Built-in integration for six phones, allowing for seamless transfers and recording from any phone.  This is probably the biggest advantage to mobile professionals using Switchvox. Find out more: http://www.digium.com/mobility
•        Detailed Call Queue Reports and Logs – Granular call queue data for multiple queues and queue members. Our existing customers have been asking for these for a while now. What used to have to be done through the API can now be done natively in the interface. Speaking of the API…
•        Additional Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) – Organizations can create custom integrations with third-party business applications for communications-enabled business processes (CEBP). See a complete list: http://www.digium.com/switchvox/api

Our own Jonathan Rusk had this to say: “”We are excited about many aspects of Switchvox 5.0, from its new graphical user interface-a significant and pleasant redesign that users will embrace-to the improved call queue reporting and ability to make group changes to users on the system. We believe that the updated GUI and fixed mobile convergence will bring additional sales opportunities and increase our competitive edge.”

Switchvox 5.0 is currently available to current users on a valid Digium Support contract in English only. Additional language package support will be available soon in version 5.1. To upgrade your server go to Machine Admin > Upgrades. For assistance in upgrading your server please give us a call at 602.357.8070 or email [email protected].