Digium Releases Updated Switchvox Appliances

Digium has released three updated Switchvox Appliances, the AA65, AA305, and the AA355.  The new appliances replace the older AA60, AA300, and AA350 appliances.  The updated versions each feature a new front-mounted LCD control panel, making it easy to setup and manage your system.  Also, the AA65 features a new rack-friendly chassis design and an internal power supply – replacing the AA60 and its external power supply. The appliances were also given some performance enhancements as shown below:

**Memory / RAM
**AA60 – 512MB -> AA65 – 2GB
AA300 – 1GB -> AA305 – 2GB
AA350 – 2GB -> AA355 – 2GB

**Storage / HDD
**AA60 – 80GB -> AA65 – 80GB
AA300 – 80GB -> AA305 – 160GB
AA350 – 80GB -> AA355 – 160GB
(2x 160GB HDDs in RAID 1 configuration)

All pricing for the newer appliances remains the same as the older appliances.  An AA65 is priced the same as an AA60, an AA305 is priced the same as an AA300, and an AA355 is priced the same as the AA350. The new Appliances are available today.