Frontnumber Use Case

Frontnumber Use Case

Text messaging without a mobile phone

Frontnumber is a tool that businesses can use to send and recieve text messages. But how? Let's take a look at some of our features a little more in depth.

It's amazing to me that we can send messages accross different carriers/networks via SMS (Short Message Service). This interconnection allows us to send these messages to any number, anywhere in the world (so long as it supports the SMS protocol). And boy howdy do we ever send messages! An average of 22 billion texts are sent every day worldwide!

Did know that you can send a text message from your email? (And depending on the carrier you can also reply back.) For example if your number is 480-555-1212 and you're on AT&T you'd send to: [email protected] or if that number was hosted by Verizon you'd send to: [email protected]. And those are just a couple of examples, check with your carrier to see if they support this feature.

Useful? Absolutely. But it's not always practical. I certainly don't know what carrier my friends and colleagues use. And while there are probably lookup tools to help me figure it out there's no way I'd ever take the time to go searching.

It's also true that most of the time we're using our trusty cell phones to send and receive messages. But not always. There have been plenty of times where I've been in the situation of being inside a building where I am not getting any signal to my cell phone. But my laptop is connected to an internet connection. So I have a connection to the outside world but not on the cellular network.

Another fact in the matter is that I have multiple personalities. I have a work persona (very restrictive), family persona (restrictive), friend persona (less restrictive), and real persona (no filter). So with work interactions I'm very guarded. Same with my family but less so. A little less with my friends but I'm still a little guarded. If you get the real me then you're a very close friend or family member. And when it comes to being able to reach me at 2 a.m. I'm not wanting a work colleague to have the same access to me that I give my wife.

This is why Frontnumber is a great solution to solve this problem.

New Message

Frontnumber uses a web browser to emulate the mobile app experience. I can log in on my laptop or mobile device and send or reply quickly and easily. And on top of that I can have multiple numbers to replicate my many personas. Frontnumber allows me to send and recieve from each of those numbers. I might have a number that I use for business associates. Another for my friends and family. And finally a supersecret personal number that I only hand out to those very close to me.

If someone calls me on those numbers it will forward to the number of my choosing. It can be my work phone, my cell phone, or my home phone... Any number that is capable of receiving a voice call. I don't get a lot of voice calls these days. However my messaging has increased significantly. And with Frontnumber I have a single interface to manage them all. My work persona, family persona, friend persona, and real persona are very grateful for that.