How Switchvox Keeps Me Mobile

switchvox-mobilityLike a lot of people doing business these days, I’m not chained to a desk all day long. I’m a pretty mobile guy. Sure, some days I find myself staring at a monitor all day long. But most days I’m out and about giving demos, performing installations, kissing babies.

And how am I able to keep in touch with colleagues and clients? In my arsenal of communication tools, I am currently using the following devices: a Digium D70 deskphone, a Polycom IP450, a Panasonic DECT wireless handset, CounterPath Bria for my laptop, an iPhone 5, and few other devices that aren’t even worth mentioning. All very powerful tools individually. But paired with Switchvox, they’ve become indispensable to me. Sure, I might be an extreme example, but if you can’t get in touch with me, there’s a problem.

So the answer to the question I posed earlier, “How am I able to keep in touch?” is Switchvox. It gives me these features (and more) to help keep me on the go:

  • Converged phones – The Converged Phones feature lets me set all my phones to work with my main Switchvox extension. Softphone, Deskphone, Wireless phone, Cell Phone, it doesn’t matter.
  • **Personal Call Rules **– I set my Personal Call Rules to ring several phones at once, so I rarely ever miss an important call. I can also send all of my calls to voicemail when I’m tied up and can’t answer.
  • **InCall Transferring **– The InCall Menu lets me quickly transfer a call from any phone’s keypad. This is transparent to the person on the other end. So if I take a call on my Desk Phone and I need to leave for an appointment, I can transfer the call seamlessly to my cell phone, get in my car and keep talking. A couple of simple key presses is all it takes.
  • One Caller ID for all phones – Same Caller ID, Different Phone. You don’t care if I’m calling you from my home office, or the Starbucks I happening to be working from on any given day. When you have Converged Phones, Switchvox automatically uses the Caller ID from your main extension whenever you make a call from any of your phones.
  • A Single Voicemail Box – Managing 5 different voicemail boxes isn’t easy, and with Switchvox all Converged Phones use the same IMAP Mailbox, so you don’t have to.**
  • ******A mobile app for my iPhone – **Switchvox Mobile seamlessly integrates Switchvox with my smartphone, giving me easy access to the communications tools I need on the go. Features like managing my voicemail greetings, changing call rules, checking call logs, and accessing my company directory. Don’t have an iPhone? No problem, Switchvox Mobile is also available for Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Being mobile is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment. Switchvox keeps me on the go and helps me kiss more babies each and every day.

Chromis Technology can help keep your staff mobile with Switchvox! For a personalized quote or to ask us a question, please contact us or call us at 602.357.8070.