How To Record A Sound For An IVR In Switchvox

Screencast: Switchvox – how to record a sound for an IVR

Log in as an administrator with privileges
Go to Tools > Sound Manager
In the Create drop-down menu select Sound and click Go
Name the sound
Optionally type or paste what the sound will say (this does not affect the behavior but is helpful in other screens to remember the script)
Select a folder where the sound will be stored (helpful for Sound organization)
Pick a Language that this Sound will belong to
Choose either Record Over Phone or Upload File
If Upload File then select the file on your computer to upload (must be a compatible file format)
If Record Over Phone then
Enter an internal extension to use to record the sound
Click Ring Phone
Your phone will ring and give you instructions
Record your script and then press the # key
Click Save Sound
The sound is used by going to the IVR configuration screen to configure your IVR.