Network Analysis

When implementing a VoIP solution it is important that your data network including your Internet access is capable of supporting the voice and video that you want to run over the network. Chromis Technology uses BroadSoft PacketSmart to perform a network analysis of your network and provide a report to help you know what to expect and how to plan for VoIP.

In some cases network Quality of Service (QoS) can be implemented to improve or guaranty audio and video quality on the network. However Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may or may not support QoS forcing you to test your existing network or consider upgrading your network services.

BroadSoft explains modern circumstances that favor network analysis:

“It is often not possible to ensure QoS control over today’s end-to- end service delivery networks, given the variety of ISP networks in the delivery path, including the customer’ LAN. Further complicating this reality is the fact that customer applications and bandwidth usage are constantly evolving, adding to the demands on the underlying network. This poses an expensive support challenge for service providers and multi-site enterprises, which are held responsible for the quality of the VoIP & video services they deliver to their end-users. Service providers who have tried to force end-to-end QoS control by deploying dedicated end-to-end networks have failed due to the high cost of such an enforced deployment. The only practical means to ensure service quality in today’s heterogeneous service deliver network is to implement a lifecycle management approach that is simple, scalable, and inexpensive to deploy. The BroadSoft PacketSmart solution offers the most comprehensive lifecycle management solution for VoIP and video service providers.”

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