Polycom and Switchvox Phone Feature Packs, Let's Talk Compatibility

New to Switchvox version 4.5, Phone Feature Packs give you the ability to easily setup your Polycom IP phones to work seamlessly with your Switchvox PBX. They also deliver many of the Switchvox Applications right to your handset, such as recording a call, browsing your voicemail, picking up parked calls, and more! We’ve received several inquiries from customers asking about which phones are compatible with the Phone feature packs… So which phones will, and will not work?

Below is a list of supported Polycom phones:

  • SoundPoint IP 320
  • SoundPoint IP 330
  • SoundPoint IP 321
  • SoundPoint IP 331
  • SoundPoint IP 335
  • SoundPoint IP 430
  • SoundPoint IP 450
  • SoundPoint IP 501
  • SoundPoint IP 550
  • SoundPoint IP 560
  • SoundPoint IP 650
  • SoundPoint IP 670
  • SoundStation IP 6000
  • SoundStation IP 7000

The SoundPont IP 301, 600, 601, and 4000 are partially supported: all of the Phone Setup functions are supported but some of the features such as Profiles and Applications are not available. The SoundPoint IP 300 and 500 are not supported at all. Switchvox Phone Feature Packs provision telephones with Polycom firmware version: 3.2.2.xxxx.

Certain snom phones are also supported by Phone Feature Packs. Stay tuned for a list of compatible snom devices.