Polycom VVX1500 gets hacked for Switchvox


The boys in Buffalo over at VoIP Supply have figured out a way to get the “quietly unsupported” Polycom VVX1500 “business media phone” working with their Switchvox 4.0 server. I say quietly because I haven’t seen either Polycom nor Switchvox publicly come out and admit that the device is unsupported. I’ve talked to both Polycom and Digium about it and in typical fashion they both blame each other for the incompatibility.

The VoIP Supply setup makes sense if you know Asterisk at all and also the way Polycom provisions their phones. The VoIP Supply provisioning method provides caveats that they’ve worked through which could save a lot of time and frustration. Here’s a link to the workaround courtesy of VoIPSupply.