Monday Tip Of The Week | A Tutorial Video About Tutorial Videos

Create a tutorial video – save time, help more customers…

Top 3 Reasons I Love Using Screencasts

  • **Convenience: **So much of business time is spent starring at a computer screen. So, it makes sense, when needing to provide instructions to someone, to provide a video that they can watch at the most convenient time right at their desktop.
  • **Reference: **A tutorial screencast provides a great reference to go back to time and time again. You can explain something to someone one time, yet they can review your answer over and over as needed.
  • **Sharable: **Face it, you are a busy person. If you can explain something once and share those same clear instructions over and over, you have just saved yourself tons of potential hours of time.

What about you and your business?

Are you using screencasts to enhance your customer’s experience? What about when providing instructions for tech support tickets? Do you feel like screencasts could help or hurt your business?

We would love to hear your thoughts.