Sign Of The Times

![]( credit: Tony Landa
We live in an increasingly complex world. Technology is ever evolving. This is nothing new. Companies who used to be “analog” are now required to “go digital”. Take the sign company pictured above, this photo was taken by a friend on his commute from New Jersey into New York City this morning. [He is a technologist]( (let’s face it, he’s a nerd like me, only he owns a pair of [Google Glass]( and he shared this via social media on his bus ride.

It struck a chord with me that a company that was doing traditional outdoor signage has had to adapt and use technology (albeit to their advantage) in order to be competitive in an ultra competitive industry. By the looks of the error message, it looks like the machine running the sign operation can’t get an IP address. Ten years ago the sign company would never have been required to dispatch a network savvy tech. They would have probably sent out a guy with a ladder and a bucket of glue.

The modern sign company has had to staff their operation differently. This new media product is nearly the same as the old, expose people to an advertising message. But the delivery and resources necessary to deliver the new media product are a world apart from the old way. A sign of the times indeed…

How has technology changed your business?