Stay on top of industry news on your iPhone with TMC

In addition to their print products, is a great source for communications industry news, from VoIP hardware and software, to open source telephony, to the enterprise call center space and everything in between, they cover most everything. But again like their printed products and any other magazine you pick up, you have to sift through a lot of advertising. I’m not knocking that, ad revenue is important for sites like theirs. I circumvent this by subscribing to several of the RSS feeds that they put out to customize my news intake.

One of my favorites is their iPhone microsite which is dedicated to the development of the device. They announced this morning that they have a new site exclusively for iPhone users at The site is in “Alpha” as the release states, but it works pretty well on my Safari browser through the iPhone. My only desire for the site would be a search field. But they are still developing the site so stay tuned, it can only get better.