Switchvox Roundup: Enable or Disable Voicemail

I am frequently asked “How do I set up a phone using Switchvox that does not have a voicemail box?” This is a really easy process if you know where to go.

Digium Switchvox Permissions Tab

When creating an extension, the “Permissions” tab is where you enable and disable individual features for that specific extension. There you will see a number of different permissions options such as Call Rules, PBX Features, Ring Tones, etc.

Click on the “Use Voicemail Features” category and you will see a slider option titled “Can Use Voicemail Box”. Change the slider from “YES” (the default) to “NO” and you are all set. But what if you already created the extension you ask? Don’t worry, you can change this setting at any time by going to Setup > Extensions > Manage > Find the extension you want to change and then press the pencil to edit. Then you will see the Permissions tab that you need to disable the voicemail box.

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