Switchvox sound sweet but not sold on a server?

Switchvox CloudDigium Switchvox is an awesome telephone system with tons of features. But what if you don’t want to own and maintain your own hardware? Or what if you have a lot of remote employees? Enter Digium Switchvox Cloud. It is the same Switchvox but hosted in a secure cloud infrastructure. This means that you don’t have to maintain your own physical server. The features are the same and as you grow you can transition effortlessly into a premise, server system.

Switchvox Cloud gives you your own, dedicated system like a full-blown VoIP system but it lives virtually, on the Internet. As an engineer, my preferred reasons for considering Switchvox Cloud are:

  • You have limited technical expertise onsite or you just don’t want a physical server at your office
  • You are a virtual business with a lot of remote or mobile workers
  • You prefer a monthly telephone expense rather than a large up-front expense

Check it out here or contact us to learn more.