Weavver's VoiceScribe released in beta

I hate signing NDA’s, but I will when I have to. And it’s not the legalities behind them, it’s that when your discussion is under the NDA umbrella, it’s usually something really cutting edge and interesting that you’re talking about. And I like talking about the bleeding edge, especially in the Asterisk space, and especially when that “thing” has some usefulness and purpose behind it.

Weavver's VoiceScribe

This was the case last week at IT Expo when Mitchel Constantin and I sat down and talked about the direction that his company is headed. I signed his NDA and could only hint about our chat in my Day Two IT Expo wrap up:* “I bumped into Mitchel Constantin (who you may remember as the developer of “Snap A Number” which Digium bought from him last year) while at the Switchvox 4.0 overview given by Switchvox’s Tristan Deganhardt. Mitchel’s new company, Weavver, is doing some interesting things in the Asterisk space. Stay tuned for news and products that Weavver is now currently developing and testing. I can’t talk about it publicly, but he is on to something…”*

I didn’t know it would be this soon that I’d be able to talk about it, but here it is… Weavver announced VoiceScribe this morning, a web-service for Asterisk that converts your voicemail to text and delivers them to you via e-mail.  According to their site: “No longer will there be interruptions to meetings or time wasted phoning in to listen to voicemails; simply read the transcription and go!”

Looking at the “Somewhat Confidential” quick start document, setup looks pretty easy, with a few tweaks to the “voicemail.conf” file in Asterisk. You do need some familiarity with Asterisk, but a novice should be able to set it up without too much of a problem. We’re on the beta list so of course we’ll let you know what the official Chromis Technology thoughts are, but on the surface it looks like Mitchel has developed another winner.