Why live and work in AZ?

whyazChromis Technology is based in Phoenix, Arizona (Tempe if you want to get technical) and to most of our customers (who for the most part, live here too) they understand why we live and work in the desert of the sun. But for those who still don’t get it, maybe the site why.az will help change your mind. Full disclosure, the talented firm behind the site is a customer of ours, however I stumbled upon it by pure happenstance.

After more digging I came across this blog entry which goes into further detail. Per author Lynn Fisher, the site aims to answer the question: “How do we attract great talent to come to Phoenix and keep them here once they do?” My usual response when asked why I moved here from the Midwest is: “Because you don’t have to shovel sunshine.” I think they do a better job of selling AZ than I do.